The Bystra - Sidzina  commune is located in the vicinity of Babia Góra which is called “The Queen of Beskidy”, in the High Beskid range, in the south west part of the Małopolskie province. It consists of two attractive villages: Bystra and Sidzina which have been integrated by nature itself into the Police band: Cupel /887 MASL/, Naroże /1063 MASL/, Urwanica /1158 MASL/, Okrąglica /1239 MASL/, Polica /1369 MASL/.

Directions: To get to Bystra and Sidzina from Kraków take the road to Zakopane and later on go through the crossroad in Skomielna Biała toward Jordanów. From Śląsk – go through Sucha Beskidzka, from the south side – from Orawa and Zawoja go through Zubrzyca.

A unique climate, remarkably beautiful landscape, picturesque location and woods rich in mushrooms and berries make up the majority of the commune’s area.

The rich forest complexes of this area hide interesting genuses of plants and animals. The most famous genus of our fauna is the capercaillie – a bird listed in the Polish Red Book of genuses threatened with extinction but whose permanent population still thrives in the Polica band. The area of its population is integrated into the Nature Net 2000. In the summits of the Polica band there is also a reserve ”On Polica” where natural spruce forests with rare plants are protected. The whole area of the Bystra-Sidzina commune is incorporated into the Southern-Małopolskie Area of Protected Landscape.

In the area of the Bystra – Sidzina commune there exist numerous nature monuments – these are primarily oaks which are hundreds of years old and which have become a symbol of the commune and are visible on its crest. In Sidzina, the most visible oak is “Adam” which is over 500 years old, the next one is called “Eve” and the third one is about 250 years old. There is also an oak “Abraham”. In Bystra there is a mansion park that was erected in the middle of the 19th century and is typed into the monuments register. It is located in the center of the village beside the stream Bystrzanka. In the park there is also an oak “Syryusz” which is hundreds of years old.

Tourist trails

The best form of relaxation in this area is an active relaxation, fostered by a net of tourist trails, bicycle trails and horse trails running through the Bystra – Sidzina commune as well as forest and glade paths ideally suited for walks and excursions.

Through the area of the commune there run attractive, marked tourist trails:

·      The pope trail -  running though the Krupowa Hala,

·      The red trail – running through the Polica band and covering part of the Main Beskidy Trail,

·      The blue trail – running through Sidzina and Cupel from Wysoka to Kojszówka,

·      The green trail – from Sidzina through Krupowa Hala to the center of Zawoja,

·      The black trail – it is the shortest trail to the cottage on the Krupowa Hala from Sidzina Wielka Polana.

The trails: black, red and green serve in the winter as snow-rackets excursion trails.

The mountain saddle between Sidzina and Zubrzyca Górna in Orawa constitutes a part of the main European water division separating the Baltic conglomeration and the Red Sea conglomeration. It also provides a beautiful panorama.

Because of the unique view it offers, Hala Krupowa is a place worth visiting – it is a big glade located in the main mountain ridge in the Polica band between Okrąglica and Polica and a bit higher than the summit of Golden Grapa. Beneath Okrąglica (1239 MASL) there is the Chapel of Madonna the Tourists’ Protector.

It is also worth getting to Malinowa Hala, where – in the year 1967 – there was uncovered a stony obelisk consecrated to the partisan fights. The Dog Valley is also a noteworthy place – a beautiful mountain valley, deeply incorporated into the Polica band by means of the stream Zakulawka. At the entry to the Psia Dolina there is a marked place for bonfires and camping (Hala Czarnowa). It is located on the territory of the Sidzina Forestry within the larger Forestry of Myślenice.

The commune boasts not only beautiful landscapes but also interesting monuments and a richness of still cultivated regional traditions. The historical museum in Sidzina – The Folk Culture Museum – is a place where there are exhibits of a rich culture of architecture and folk creativeness. Another monument is a parish church in Sidzina, erected in the years 1815 – 1825 in the classical style, so called the “josephine” style.

Mountains and the origin of people have created specific customs and traditions which are characteristic of a group of mountaineers called Babiogórcy and of a small group from the neighboring Podhale and Orawa. These people still cultivate traditions consisting in carrols, Christmas theatre, the consecration of palms, handworks. In the memory of the folk there are still living old-day songs, stories and legends. In many houses the people speak a dialect.

Important addresses and telephone numbers:


Commune Bystra-Sidzina

34-235 Bystra 373

Phone: 18 26 81 220/221/222

 fax: 18 26 81 291



Working hours of the office

Monday - Friday 7.00 a.m. – 3.00 p.m.



·      Dom Wczasów Dziecięcych Nr 2 (65 places) Sidzina,, Phone (18) 26 73 1 90

·      Schronisko PTTK na Hali Krupowej. (38 places)  Sidzina,,   Phone (18) 44 75 005

·       Dom Oazowy s.Sercanek  (ok. 100 places) Bystra, Phone (18) 26 81 037

·      Ośrodek Kolonijno–Wczasowy „Rozalia” (60 places) Bystra, Phone (18) 26 81 003, 660 058 922

·      Genowefa Nacher (28 places) Bystra, Phone (18) 26 81 171

·      Piotr  Pytel – (11 places) Bystra, Phone (18) 26 81 265,  600 886 564

·      Gospodarstwa agroturystyczne:

·      MARIA TRZOP (14 places) Sidzina,  Phone (18) 880 541 693

·      STANISŁAW  TRACZYK (11 places) Bystra, Phone (18)26 81 021

·      WŁADYSŁAWA BASIURA (6 places) Bystra, Phone (18) 26 81 539

Mountain guides

·      B. Konwerska, Sidzina, Phone (18) 26 73 474,  507 141 292

·      Z. Całyniuk,  Phone (18) 26 75 848

·      T. Uczniak, Bystra Phone (18) 26 81 117 

Organized sleigh rides and horse rides

·      M .Chorążak Sidzina, Phone(18)26 73 434, 606–142–927

·       S .Trzop Sidzina, Phone (18) 26 73 126

Camping grounds, place for bonfires in Sidzina Wielka Polana – contact: Leśnictwo Sidzina Phone (18) 26 73 186


·      Pracownia stolarsko–rzeźbiarska – Bartek Trzop (Sidzina)–  Phone (18) 26 73 559,  696 187 625

·      Gospodarstwo Ekologiczne „U Ireny” – Irena Wiertelczyk – Phone/fax  (18) 26 73 117, 501 512 963

·      „Pasieka leśna” Janina i Marian Totoś, Phone (18) 26 73 732,  606 516 188

Recreational down – hill skiing instructors

·      P. Małysa,  Phone 606–107–217

·      K. Krawczyk,  Phone 693–627–242

Health centers

·      Ośrodek Zdrowia,  Sidzina,  Phone/fax 18 267 31 87

·      Ośrodek Zdrowia,  Bystra, Phone 26 81 024

Historical museum

While visiting the historical museum in Sidzina, you can admire traces of a rich folk culture which has survived here as architecture (smithy, cellar, mill, cottages from the 19th century) and folk creativeness (needlework, sculpture and other interesting nicely-made household objects: spinning wheels, churns, baskets and wooden kneading – troughs for baking bread). Contact: 501 597 208

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